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Land Sale/Vacant Lots

The Town of Kirkland Lake will consider selling 400 Government Road West legally described as Teck PT L16626 RP 54R4434 Parts 2 to 11, RP 54R4562 Parts 1, 2, RP 54R4081 Part 1, RP 54R4949 Parts 1 to 3, Pcl 13640, 13440 CST at an upcoming Council meeting. The property is approximately 3.4 acres in size, is located along the north side of Government Road West and has a building municipally known as Heritage North. It was declared surplus on August 11, 2020.

Surplus Land

The Town of Kirkland Lake has a running list of lands that have been declared surplus and are available for purchase. The below list is updated as new properties become available for purchase, or as lands are sold.

A request to purchase land can be submitted by completing the application form and submitting a non-refundable administration fee.