The Corporation of the Town of Kirkland Lake operates under the administrative direction of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) with four departments reporting through the CAO to an elected Town Council.

Corporate departments are mandated by Council to provide administrative and operational services considered essential for residents to enjoy a modern, safe and healthy lifestyle.


The Town of Kirkland Lake is a single-tier municipality, created in 1972. It consists of the Townships of Teck, Bernhardt and Morrisette. Kirkland Lake was formerly known as the Township of Teck, which was incorporated as a municipality in 1919. Its present boundaries encompass approximately 110 square miles (285 square kilometres).


Municipalities are created by the Province of Ontario to be responsible and accountable governments with respect to matters within their jurisdiction. Each municipality is given powers and duties under the Municipal Act and many other Acts for purposes which include:

  • Providing the services and other things that the municipality considers are necessary or desirable for the municipality;
  • Managing and preserving the public assets of the municipality;
  • Fostering the current and future economic, social and environmental well-being of the municipality; and
  • Delivering and participating in provincial programs and initiatives.