Landfill Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Contact: 705-567-5940

Landfill Site & Waste Pickup

The Kirkland Lake Landfill is located east of Kirkland Lake off Highway 66.

Landfill Site

2016 Tipping Fees are as follows (all fees are subject to change):

Private - up to 2 cubic metres per load$13.00
Waste per garbage bag$2.00
Waste per cubic metre$13.00
Contaminated waste per cubic metre$29.00
Clean wood per cubic metre$4.00
Scrap metal per cubic metre$4.00
Ash per cubic metre$13.00
Refrigerant containing appliances$30.00
Tires & ElectronicsFree
NOTE: Certain materials, such as asbestos require immediate burial. Please contact the landfill site a day in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Household Waste Pick Up

The collection of household waste is conducted weekly by Teck Northern Roads, working under contract with the Corporation of the Town of Kirkland Lake.

While the TNR guys are pretty easy to get along with, there are certain things they will not accept. For instance:

  • white goods (eg. stoves, fridges, washers, dryers etc.)
  • building materials, broken plaster, cement or waste from construction or renovations
  • propane tanks & BBQ starters
  • tree trunks, stumps, loose leaves
  • broken glass
  • needles/sharps, dressings and bandages
  • paints, varsol etc.
  • gasoline, oil, antifreeze, solvents (and their containers)
  • car parts
  • poisons, pesticides, herbicides
  • pool chemicals, ammonia, bleach
  • cleaning fluids, drain cleaners, oven cleaners
  • liquids of any kind
  • any materials which become frozen to a container and cannot be removed from by shaking

Waste Cart and Recycle Bin

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