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Waste Management & Recycling

Waste Management Notice

The Town of Kirkland Lake wishes to advise that they have begun delivering the new waste carts to each property.

Over the next few weeks, each property will receive a 65 gallon waste cart, which will be registered to the property in the following manner. If the owner is present during delivery, they can sign off, indicating they received their cart. If no one is present, the cart will be left by the front door and a photo of the cart and property will be taken. The photo will indicate the registered cart number and should show the address of the property. Properties which appear vacant or abandoned may not receive a waste cart. For those wishing smaller, lighter carts a 32 gallon unit will be made available, please contact the Department of Physical Services.

Residents may begin using their waste carts as soon as the cart has been received.

*If you have not received your waste cart by September 19th, please contact the Department of Physical Services to make arrangements for a waste cart.

How to Use Carts:
Fill waste cart – lid must be closed
Roll cart to curbside
Collection staff picks up cart
Collection staff roll cart back to curbside

It is the intent to fully implement the cart system beginning October 3rd, 2016. Only approved waste carts will be collected and any loose bags outside of the cart will not be picked up.

We encourage all residential properties to make full use of the curbside recycling collection program to reduce waste.

We wish to thank all the residents of Kirkland Lake for their patience during the implementation process. For further information, please contact The Department of Physical Services at (705)567-9365 and ask for the Waste Management Division.


The Town of Kirkland Lake is in the process of converting to a cart-based waste collection system for the garbage stream. This will provide a protected form of waste at the street resulting in: less blown debris, cleaner environment and promote recycling and waste reduction.

CARTS: Over the course of the summer months, each Industrial, Residential, Commercial and Institutional property will be designated one registered collection cart. The primary focus of waste for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional is for dry office type waste only, not fluids. The carts remain the property of the municipality and are 65 gallon in size and will hold approximately 3 large garbage bags. Larger residential properties containing more than three rental units will be eligible for additional free carts based on the number of units registered under MPAC. For those wishing smaller, lighter carts a 35 gallon unit will be made available.

Any properties who are larger generators of waste “not including fluids”, can rent additional registered carts from the town at a cost of $54.00/mo. For individuals who infrequently generate influxes of waste, please bring their waste to the landfill site. In small amounts there is a per bag rate of $2.00/bag. For larger residential volumes up to a ½ ton truck load (2 cubic meters) there is a flat rate $12.75. All fees are subject to the annual fee review and rate changes as per the municipal fee by-law.

COLLECTION: Other than the type of waste container, the collection routes will remain the same. Be advised, there may be changes in the pickup time as the new program rolls out. The contractor will drive by, roll the cart up to the cart tipper and the tipper will empty the waste. The bins will then be rolled back to the curbside. The carts are to be placed at the curb with the lid closed. Over flowing carts will not be accepted. Through the distribution process, Resident can begin using the carts. Once full distribution is complete, a date will be set for full program implementation, bags and non-registered carts will no longer be eligible for waste collection.

RECYCLING: Recycling will also take on a bit of a new look. In meeting with the provincial legislation, the Municipality will be introducing a single residential recycling program. The residential curbside collection program will continue on with alternating weeks. Please note, the Town will no longer be contracting the depot as of July 1st this year, and be reevaluated after there is once a better understanding of the implications of “Bill 151 Waste Free Ontario Act 2016”. Furthermore, the Contractor has advised they will be shutting down the depot until further notice.

FUTURE INITIATIVES: On July 1st, the residential recycling program will be expanded to include all plastics except: plastic bags, plastic wrap, large packing Styrofoam, and Styrofoam packing peanuts. To also promote and enhance recycling, the municipality will be introducing a ban on OCC cardboard as a collectable waste in the spring of 2017.

We wish to thank all the residences of Kirkland Lake for their patience during the implementation process.

For further information, please contact The Department of Physical Services at (705)567-9365 and ask for the Waste Management Division.

The collection of household waste is conducted weekly by Teck Northern Roads (TNR), working under contract with the Corporation of the Town of Kirkland Lake. Additionally TNR is responsible for the Recycling contract, which involves a bi-weekly residential curbside collection, and transporting of materials to the market.

If you need information regarding pick-up days in your neighbourhood, or wish to comment on the services, contact:

Jenna McNaughton
Recycling Coordinator
705-567-9365 X 343

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